20 ways to play with Magnetic Tiles – Magblox

20 ways to play with Magnetic Tiles


One of the best open-ended toy, magnetic tiles are so versatile, it became a staple in every playroom! Here are 20 ways to play with magnetic tiles!

Note: I'm a brand representative for Magblox. But you can also use other brands for these types of play.
1.Explore Transparency and opacity
Grab your Magbrix set and play with them on the light table! Or better yet, go out on a sunny and see the clear sky! 
2. Mandalas
These reminds me of those parols you see in the Philippines during Christmas season. Oh the joy of having all the colours you want! 
3. Light table 
Explore colours with a light table! You can also DIY a light table with a transparent container (the bigger, the better!) and some fairy lights!
4. Refraction and reflection
Out on a sunny day? Grab your Magblox with out for an outdoor build and explore reflection and refraction.
5. Small World Play
Or just build your own small world outside! 
6. Rough and Smooth Surprise in a Bag!
Another great activity for your set of Magbrix and Magblox! You can place a mix of them in a bag for your child to explore or make two piles and catergorized them as rough and smooth.
7. Shades of colours!
With the pastel range, you can easily do this light and dark colours!
8. Symmetry 
Magblox and mirror! That's all you need. Need a hand? Download the Magblox symmetry sheets from their website. I'll link it here

9. Pretend play
Create a cradle for your dolls, a tower, a house, a garbage truck... anything!
10. Key holder
I saw this idea at my workplace. Too brilliant not to share!
11. Crayon holder
For the meticulous in me who loves sorting all crayons by colour. 
12. Exploring balance
Forgot to bring your deck of cards? Magblox will do! 
13. Combining them with other open-ended toys 
Think Lego, Duplo, and other brands! Even wooden toys too. 
14. Colour Sorting and Matching
Oh yes! Primary colours, primary and secondary colours, even pastel! 
15. Ball run
Everyone's favourite!
16. Coin drop
The ever popular coin drop! 
17. Garage
I remember tripping on one of Alex's cars and it wasn't fun! Haha! So, make a garage! You can even reintroduce colour matching if your cars work with this. 
18. Rainbow
The good old build-a-rainbow! 
19. Shadow Matching Template
Download Magblox's shadow matching template to match! 
20. Playdough stampers
Use Magbrix to create simple textures in playdough play. 
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