Magblox® is proud to announce its collaboration with Amdon, the creators of StemWerkz Online Plattform.

Designed by teachers, parents, and science education experts

As a team of teachers, parents, and science education experts, we created STEMWerkz to provide you a way to help your young child learn science and have a love for it, without you having to help them every step of the way.  On any device and anywhere, STEMWerkz is easy to use and child friendly.  We believe learning STEM and how to apply it is important for all children, no matter what they choose as a profession in the future.  

As part of this new collaboration our young Magblox Engineers will be granted 30 days free access to the STEM platform. This trial access gives customers the opportunity to explore different areas of STEM education as well as unique Magblox content.



STEM can mean different things for different people. STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Sometimes the Arts are added to STEM to make STEAM, also. Each of these acronyms remind us that humans progress through the knowledge and understanding of each individual part (S, T, E, M) and can improve our individual and collective lives when they are utilized together.


Why STEM/STEAM education is important?

From the earliest of times, STEM, or even the rudimentary forms of it, has allowed humanity to survive and thrive on Earth. And now, in the 21st century, our collective knowledge and understanding of it are even more important toward our success. And that collective success begins with your child. Everyday, your child will make choices and take action. Why not provide them a STEM framework in order to excel in school, at home, and beyond in their everyday life?

These 4 things are some of the reasons why STEM education is important for your child:

  1. It provides order to a chaotic world: both natural and man-made challenges are better understood and better prepared for/overcome.
  2. It empowers us: things that are broken can be fixed; everyday items can be used safely and correctly; and problems, big and small, can be solved.
  3. It provides a way to discover and to learn – each day becomes a day of new discovery and new learning.
  4. It is universal: your child will learn a mindset that can serve them well no matter what field or profession they pursue.

Providing your child with a solid foundation in STEM is what we want to help you accomplish with STEMWerkz. We find joy in making STEMWerkz because we know that STEM education is important for your child to think logically, critically, and creatively for their benefit and the benefit of the world.


When you purchase selective items from our range you will have a FREE access to the StemWerkz Portal and the Magblox curated content for 30 days.

You will receive an email with the registration link to claim access and we will provide unique 16 digit code and grant your access to Magblox exclusive content.


Stemwerkz is designed for children from 7+, however we believe that explore STEM can start from a 4+ with parental support.


Once you finalized the trial, StemWerkz will prove you an option to continue on a month-to-month subscription at the rate of $6.99 USD or renew for a 6-month subscription with a discount of 20% (also an exclusive discount from Magblox).


1.- The trial is limited to one account per customer

2.- Only applicable SKU and products are eligible for this trial

3.- The trial will prompt access to “STEAM Valley” and “StemWerkz Channel” only. The Steam Werkz Academy (live classes) is not accessible unless they convert to a paid subscription model.

Disclaimer: Magblox is working in collaboration and does not own the rights or content from StemWerkz Plattform. For more details, please visit and share with your customers the T&C  

STEMWerkz was recently certified by leading experts in teaching and learning (pedagogy) from Education Alliance Finland. Here is what they had to say:

  • STEMWerkz Quests, Valley, and Channel gives a motivating way to learn and provides a vast range of content on curriculum-based subjects.
  • The activities enhance key learning skills such as: observing, recognizing, stating, identifying, and predicting.
  • The app shows high quality and polish and gamification elements are used in a meaningful way.
  • STEMWerkz is a great tool for independent, fun learning at home.

How to Homeschool reviewed STEMWerkz and has given it a 2021 award for ‘Best Elementary Homeschool Resources & Curriculum’.  In describing the 2021 awardees, How to Homeschool stated,

“These products are some that we use in our homeschooling, and/or have come highly recommended from other homeschooling families. We hope that you will spend some time getting to know the companies because these are the Best Elementary Homeschool Curriculum & Resources out there. The products in the Best Elementary Homeschool Curriculum & Resources list are sure to get your kids excited about learning this year.”

Award-Winning Elementary Science Resource

Best Homeschooling Programs & Resources 2021 - Elementary 1

Provide your child STEM learning on-the-go with your free 30 day trial!