Welcome to our learning through play experience!

Magblox ABC Club

MAGBLOX® ABC CLUB is the latest program  developed  by  JC Ingenium suitable for  children  in the preschool ages of 3-5, the program has been created with the intention to bring an interactive  and  fun  learning  through  play experience utilizing  magnetic  blocks to teach concepts of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering. Arts and Mathematics)  and  improve  their problem-solving skills.

We have developed the program to provide parents with an alternative activity with fun interactions for their children that will spark their creativity with easy-to-follow, completely self-contained lessons, which allows children to join at different stages of our 8-week program. Each lesson has been crafted to ensure that it's accessible to all children, regardless of their ability level or building experience with the blocks providing them with a comfortable environment to learn.

During the lessons, children will learn to build different structures, explore polygons, 2D and 3D constructions, experiment with gravity and speed, build up vocabulary and have a chance to share their creations with others, all this while they develop their visual thinking, critical thinking, creativity and social skills among other benefits.

We are thrilled to start this journey together and see the incredible things we can build as we explore the world of shapes and immerse in our learning through play philosophy.

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